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Our Services

For Employers

  • GASB and ASC OPEB actuarial valuation and accounting disclosure services for retiree health and welfare plans of government entities, corporate employers, and Taft-Hartley plans
  • Development of OPEB funding and contribution policy and review of Trust investment strategy
  • OPEB experience and assumption studies
  • Comprehensive actuarial and financial analysis of self-insured health plans including: COBRA rates, premium rate setting, design modeling, contribution modeling, benchmarking, reserving, and stop-loss recommendations
  • Regulatory filings for year-end reserves, premium adequacy, and financial soundness

For Advisors

  • Back-office actuarial support for annual renewals
  • Review of specific and aggregate stop-loss renewals with actuarial recommendations
  • Fully-insured to self-insured evaluations
  • Creditable coverage and minimum value actuarial certifications
  • Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) actuarial attestations and account administration
  • Actuarial and underwriting services for multiple employer welfare association plans (MEWA)
  • Onsite training and education of actuarial concepts and analyses
  • Benefit Surveys

Nyhart's Advantage

Large team of actuaries with extensive experience

Personalized experience for each of our clients

Customized and innovative tools that provide solutions for your business

Technologically driven processes that result in lower fees

Deadline management to meet client needs and avoid surprises

Communication of results in a simple, easy to understand way for all stakeholders