How do your employees choose their benefits? How do they know which healthcare plan is best? How do they determine what they should contribute to their 401k or HSA? What about issues like 529 plans and long-term care? Where can they find help with those?

Enter Votaire.

Votaire, Nyhart’s holistic financial wellness platform, now offers its 100,000 participants personalized decision support during open enrollment. By integrating with payroll systems and retirement plan recordkeepers, our software offers proactive guidance to employees both as they select their benefits and throughout the year.

Votaire saves your HR team time answering benefit questions, optimizes company benefit utilization and reduces your employees’ stress, resulting in increased productivity and employee retention. We help your benefits program go further by connecting employees with solutions like 529 plans, online savings accounts and ongoing financial wellness monitoring and support.

Votaire is growing every day. In fact, the nation’s top wellness platform will soon be offering Votaire’s mobile app as its exclusive financial wellness offering. Join the movement to help your employees succeed!

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