Cash Balance Plan

Cash balance plans are a great solution for highly profitable small businesses who are seeking to maximize tax deductions and making large contributions to an owner’s retirement plan while giving employees a valuable retirement benefit.

A cash balance plan is a defined benefit plan that is very similar to a traditional pension but with a few features that more closely resemble a 401(k) defined contribution plan.  Learn more in our cash balance plan FAQ.

Nyhart consults to clients, accountants and financial advisors to identify the tax and financial benefits of a cash balance defined benefit plan. We have a dedicated team of actuaries and plan administrators with years of experience implementing hundreds of cash balance plans for doctors, dentists, accountants and other high-income business owners.

Is a cash balance plan right for you? Take our free 4-minute cash balance plan self-assessment now.

Our Cash Balance Plan Services

  • We will analyze your existing retirement plans and compare them to a cash balance option
  • Create a retirement plan design to maximize a retirement account for the owner(s)
  • Prepare illustrations of cost and tax deductible savings for the business owner
  • Prepare all related plan documents for client review
  • Implement plan and prepare all actuarial reports

And for larger companies with many owners and employees, we also:

  • Prepare illustrations of winners and losers under the new design
  • Recommend options to protect employees in the plan transition
  • Prepare projections of cost under a variety of scenarios

There is no cost to you to learn how a cash balance plan can benefit you. Take our 4-minute cash balance plan self assessment to get started.

Why Nyhart?

Nyhart is one of the nation’s leading providers of cash balance plans.  Our largest clients utilize this concept, and our smaller clients are rapidly adopting the design. For small employers, we provide a free analysis in order to illustrate the feasibility of the design.  For larger employers, we have cutting edge tools in order to display the results in an easy to understand format.

Dedicated teams, direct access

Each client at Nyhart has a dedicated team of actuaries, plan advisers and support staff. We provide you direct access to your team so your questions and issues can be handled confidentially by a team who knows your cash balance plan and can help resolve your issues.

Ask Nyhart

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